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Code of Cleaning vows to “clean by the code.”

What’s the code, you ask?  


 Anyone can clean, but we just do it better.  

We promise to provide you with the highest level of cleaning services possible in a very timely fashion.

Our skills are top-notch and we know no competition.

We live and clean by the code.

 Isn’t it time you started doing the same?


From every vacuumed floor, to every spotless window, we commit to providing you with a superior quality cleaning experience.

We built this company to utilize every avenue of clean possible for our customers. We care about the fresh air that you breathe, and we take pride in giving you comfort and peace of mind when you have Code of Cleaning on your side.When it comes to cleaning, we follow the code

At Code of Cleaning, we work with you to create a cleaning plan that fits your unique needs. We offer a wide array of cleaning solutions and prices. No matter how big or small the job, we can create the perfect housekeeping plan for your home or office.


Follow the Code to Clean

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